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    Power Adapter not working
    I have a 13-in Macbook and am having trouble with my power adapter. When it is plugged into my computer, the LED light does NOT go on, but it does power my computer (the battery was at 5%). However, it does not charge my battery. The battery life stays stagnant where it is at.

    I have a second battery that I tried. It was at 60% when I put it in. The power adapter LED light still does not go on and now my battery life with this one is dropping. I am not sure if the power adapter is doing anything for my computer or if it is really just running on the battery.

    The adapter appears to be in tact. However, my baby did get a hold of it the other day and put the connector end in her mouth. Would the adapter getting wet cause it to stop working? Any advice how to fix this? Thank you.

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    If it failed to work with two different batteries, I'm pretty sure the adapter is at fault here. Have you tried using a different wall outlet? It probably won't make a difference, but hey, you never know.

    If you don't get any luck with that, simply replace the adapter. Its a much better option then potentially hurting your laptop.

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    Adding to the advice you already received.... avoid buying a substitute adapter. It's tempting because the substitutes which are being sold on line are less expensive than a genuine Apple adapter but for the most part are of sub par quality.


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