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    Question brothers *can u plz help me wats the difference in mb990 n mb466
    i want tu buy a mac but iam in lot of confusion in prices n models mb990...mb466 and mc118f

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    I don't know, but I sure hope one of them has a spell checker!!!

    mb990LL/A (dude, you HAVE to give us full info ... I had to figure this out and wasted QUITE SOME TIME doing so) is the current low-end 13" MacBook Pro model.

    MB466LL/A is 2008's similar-looking but materially different and short-lived 13" aluminium MacBook.

    MB118LL/A (no f) is the current 15" MacBook Pro.

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    Would also help if there was a question in there somewhere. Hard to decipher what you need help with.

    Also, you might not want to address random people on a forum as brothers, there's ladies around these parts too....I think.
    "No. No, Mother, I have not been drinking. No. No. These two men, they poured a whole bottle of bourbon into me. No, they didn't give me a chaser."

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    Yes, I swear there are some actual girls here.

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