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    Slow bootcamp boot to windows 7 after Optidrive removal

    So tonight I installed the G-Skill 8GB ram I got for my macbook pro unibody late 2009 15", I also removed the opticaldrive becasue I hardly use it and the whining noise on boot up is very annoying. Now I notice that my windows 7 bootcamp boots up REALLY slow, like it would be a black screen for awhile then go through it's normal procedure of booting up.

    I also notice that my mac osx would not boot to desktop right, like all I would see is a blue screen, this happened once.

    Are there any special settings I need to set?

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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    I would start by reinstalling your old Ram to rule out bad Ram.
    Also, I don't know what the ramifications are of removing the optical drive, but suspect that this is what may be causing it!
    But then again, the black screen and blue screen issue leads me towards the Ram.
    So, one at a time is the way to see what's going on!

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    Yes, removing the optical drive was a bad idea and is almost certainly the cause of your issue.

    In fact, I might just kill two birds with one stone here: perhaps the reason your optical drive "whined" (spun up) every time you booted up is because you have your Windows config set to look at the optical drive for booting FIRST, then the hard drive SECOND.

    (this may also be the case for the Mac; if you don't have your boot drive selected in "Startup Disk" system preference, the Mac will "go looking" first at the optical and THEN to the hard drive for boot instructions.)

    So, now that you've removed the optical drive, your computer just sits and waits for the optical drive to "respond" until the timeout occurs (probably 60 seconds) before moving on. D'OH!

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