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    Strange Behavior
    I have a powerbook g4 aluminum. 1.25ghz, 2 gigs of ram.. Running 10.5.8

    I have been trying to figure out what could be wrong with the power.. Ive searched forums to no prevail.. I hope someone here can help....

    My powerbook will not start while plugged in and the battery out. I have to put the battery in..But when its started up, I can remove the battery, and it stays on..But yet again, when I put it to sleep without the battery, It will not wake from Sleep.. So I have to put the battery back in to wake it??? Any ideas..

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    Try resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). See the following Apple KB article: LINK

    If that doesn't work, you may be having problems with the DC input power board and its logic. Replacing the board may solve the problem.

    Take a look on PowerBook for parts and prices.


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    My bad! My powerbook is not an intel! The link was for intel only. Thank you anyways.. And I further investigated my AC adaptor.. It's not even apple! Its from Deer Computer Co..

    Ac Adaptor model: AD6024a
    input: 100-240v ~ 1.5A 47-63Hz
    Output: 20.0-25.5v --- 2.6-2.05a

    So I ordered an Apple Ac adaptor a few minutes ago... So I will let you know if thats what did it.. I also check into the logic board and parts just in case...

    Thank you very much, and I shall let you know what I find out.. But I know for sure that the Ac Adaptor plugged in is not Apple.....

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    Well I received my ac adaptor from ifixit!!! And it works like a champ! My computer boots and wakes from sleep with just the adaptor...... I guess the other adaptor didnt have enough juice to power it on but enough to keep it on.... But thank you again for helping out!!!

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