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    Angry Mac Start Up Problem.
    Ok, so I'm having a problem with my macbook pro. When I start it up, it starts normally. Until the white screen with the apple in the middle appears. I get the apple and white screen with the loading circle, but it takes maybe an hour before a blue screen comes up. After this nothing, if anyone could help me it would really mean a lot.

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    Sounds like your hard drive may have died. Boot the machine with your install DVD (hold down C key after you hear the POST chime). When the machine boots, cancel out of the install process and select "Utilities", "Disk Utility" from the top menu. Then select the "First Aid" tab. Run verify and repair.

    If Disk Utility refuses to run or can not verify the drive, it may be defective and require a new drive be installed.

    Hopefully you have been making backups....


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    Not working
    I've tried that several times, and it is not working at all. It doesn't even seem to think the cd's in the drive, it makes the sound like it starts reading it, but even while holding c nothing happens.

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    Haha nevermind literally after I finished posting that, the installer came up, thank you very much.

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