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    migration help
    So my imac from a few years back is intel based and has a 320 gb HDD... I am purchasing a new macbook! very pumped for this, but i have a question that I would love some help with!!

    The new macbook has a 250 gb HDD, my old mac has about 30 gigs free so it all won't fit!

    I am not concerned with much on my old mac, but there are a few musts!

    I want my docs, my mp3's and photo's... i could care less about the programs, except for two... i would like my iwork.. since it is an older version, and my DJ software... i have sooo many custom settings i would like it to transfer instead of a fresh install..

    I would love your input on how to do this!

    thanks again



    mac lover!

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    Using the Migration on your new MacBook to move your programs and settings over would work, however, you would need to be selective about what was to be moved.

    From what you stated, it would probably be best to manually transfer the photos, music, and documents. Also, make sure you have a good backup of everything before using the Migration An external USB or Firewire hard drive with a large enough capacity is something you should consider.


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