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Thread: Ethernet cable problem

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    Ethernet cable problem
    Hey guys,
    My Mac notebook will no longer detect the ethernet cable. I know its not the internet because I am on my iMac right now with the same cable and its working fine, and I play PS3 with the same cable (i live in an apt i can just carry the cable around lol). It got a little bit fussy a few days ago and I had to move the cable around where it connects to the macbook but now it wont even connect at all.

    could it be that my macbook connection slot has died? I have tried dusting the port to no avail...


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    Ethernet issues too! - and more!
    I have some similar problems - Ethernet connection on my MacBook shows not connected and the set-up window (advanced) shows the port is set to negotiate automatically, but no speed is shown and it is set to half duplex. Checked the same settings on my I-Mac using same port and cable to router and this shows 100Mbps and full duplex. Just seems as though the Ethernet card has died. I then tried to set to manual from auto, but everything is still greyed out and cannot reset the speed and duplex on the MacBook at all. To make matters worse, Airport now won't let me connect to my wireless network and times out - have you used Airport to connect yourself?

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    Did you try assist me in the bottom of the box in your network preferences. Also did you select DHCP when ethernet was selected.

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