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Thread: No sound from built in speakers

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    Mar 14, 2010
    No sound from built in speakers
    Like in title i don't have sound from built in speakers in macbook
    headphones or external speaker working ok.
    I have noticed that when nothing is connected to line out then there is red light from line out connector.
    I know that built in speaker are ok because when i turn on my macbook there is sound but after system boot built in speaker don't work.
    I have macbook MB403PL/A.

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    Feb 17, 2010
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    i know it sounds stupid but , have you tried the vol + vol - on yout keyboard?

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    Jun 09, 2009
    If its not the volume button thing, then it sounds like the same thing that happened to me, only I could hear out of head phones when they were plugged in. If its what I think it is then the micro switch in the line in, input that has gotten stuck. You could try a quick fix by CAREFULLY putting a cocktail stick in there and unjamming it. However its dodgy as doing that and its not guaranteed to fix the prob. So I would suggest taking it the Apple shop and they'll sort the problem out.
    Hope this has helped!

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