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Thread: MBP USB WiFi

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    MBP USB WiFi
    Hello. I recently moved to a new condo that has "Wifi Included". However, the router is located one or two buildings away and my MBP does not get a good signal. Other PCs that I have tested this on get a signal just fine. After reading a few things, I believe this is because the MBP's do not get a good signal through the casing of the machine. The landlord brought over a "signal booster" which turned out to be just a USB Wifi network adapter that works specifically with his router (RangePlus Linksys Wireless Network USB Adapter, Model WUSB100). I was thinking, however, that have an external adapter might inprove the signal. This model, however, is not specifically compatable with Mac OS. So, what I am wondering is if there is any third party software to make this compatable on a mac. I remember someone at the Genius Bar telling me quite some time ago, that on my iMac Graphite, that I could probably buy a generic non-mac-supported USB Wifi adapter and Mac OS would recognize and support it automatically. Well, this is not the case with this specific adapter. If anyone knows of any software or solution to this situation, any information would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance!

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    Input? Anyone?

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    Have you tried to plug it in and see if it is recognized? That would be a good start. The other option would be to by a range extender.

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