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    Unable to connect New MB Pro to Sony HDTV

    I am trying to connect my new MB Pro to Sony KDL 46XBR6 using the Mini Display Port using a Mini-Display Adapter to DVi and then a DVI to HDMI Cable. The screen is blank and when I open up System Preferences-->Displays and click on 'Detect Display' nothing happens. I do not even see the option to Mirror Displays. What am I doing wrong ? My old MB Pro worked perfectly with just a DVI to HDMI Cable.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Did you check to make sure that your HDTV was on an available HDMI input? Just for starters...

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    Sounds similar to my problem. I can get my macbook to even register it is a sony tv, but it won't display anything. After researching on the net a bit, seems like something that just "happens". Oh well

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    i had same problem i gave up...ehhi have a mini-HDMI and after buying two difference TVs it still didnt work and alot of troubleshooting on here and on the web i gave up...
    good luck with yours

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