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    Ibook g3 vs g4 performance?
    I am making the switch back to mac and originally bought a 12" g4 to play with, as usual the description on the ebay auction did not match the actual ibook I recieved and ended up with an as good as useless g4....

    I then pick up a g3 with suspected logic board issues and manage to get it going with the use of some online guides (yay me!)

    It's a 800mhz g3 with 640mb ram and 60gb hdd and its running tiger.

    question is in normal simple tasks (web email etc... ) how does this fair vs the 800mhz g4 I had (that did not like to work and felt alot slower than the g3 I am running now)

    Many thanks

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    RAM can make a big difference. In addition, if the g4 had other issues (like accessing the hard drive), it could feel a lot slower than the g3.

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