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    Wink Can There Be 111.47Gb Har Drive Capacity?
    Ok, i'm buying a Macbook from my friend for 700 (good deal ) and he told me the Hard Drive Capacity: 111.47Gb is this possible? as far as i know all hard drive capacities are always whole number? thanks in advance and i hope his computer is still not sold

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    It's the way hard drive space is calculated. Take a quick look at this article. Take a look at this too - replace Windows with OS X and it will make sense. This changed with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) where they use base-10 notation. In other words, 10.6 reports my 320 GB HD as 320.07 GB (why the 0.07 is there is beyond me). You haven't lost space - it was just calculated differently. OS X pre-10.6 uses base-2 notation to calculate space (as noted in that Apple KB article).
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    Van is correct. That drive in the Macbook sounds like it's a 120GB as with Base-2 on 10.5 and below that is 111GB and some change is how a 120GB drive would show up.

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