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Thread: White unibody makes burping frog sound.

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    Dec 27, 2009
    White unibody makes burping frog sound.
    My 2 months old White Unibody Macbook makes sometimes this odd burping sound. You could almost tell theres a frog inside my macbook.

    I checked the sound in preferences but none of it sounds like mine does.

    It comes every now and then and sometimes every 10 seconds.
    I can hear it also through my earphones once i wear them.

    Does someone know what is causing it to burp?

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    Do you think it may be this selection - try changing this setting to something else to see if sound changes

    Click for full size

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    As for WHY you are hearing it -- it's because some program you have running in the background is trying to do something it's not allowed to do. It's an "error" alert.

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