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    Need advice.HD
    Hey guys.

    So i've decided to get a macbook unibody for school

    The thing is im gonna self upgrade the stock 250GB HD with a larger HD. Im thinking of a Western Digital 500GB @ 5400RPM. But has anyone tried installing a 640GB or say 1TB HD in the macbook? Would these HD capacities work like any HD on a macbook unibody? Ive never come across anyone talking about it so its best i ask first.


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    I believe the largest current laptop hard drives are 640 GB. If you see a 1 TB hard drive then it's probably a desktop hard drive. As long as you have the right size hard drive and as long as it has the right type of connection for your computer then you shouldn't have any problems. Many people have upgraded their hard drives themselves.

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    I was contemplating purchasing the 640GB HDD but ended up with a WD 500GB 5400 RPM drives instead. The reason is that the 640GB drives didn't have good user reviews. For school I needed reliability and the WD had many great reviews.

    I believe the 1TB drives are a different height and may not fit the unibody MacBooks.

    The 500GB and 640GB drives should work as long as they are 9.5mm height and can be formatted to work with a Mac.

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