I have a really annoying problem with my MacBook 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo 2GB... for weeks my fan was running high constantly while watching video and running many applications at the same time. All of a sudden my screen went black, the fan was running, and nothing would bring it back. I held down the Power Button to shut it down, waited some time, turned it back on, and all I got to was the grey start up screen with the spinning thing. I waited for about 10 minutes for it to work, but nothing happened.

I tried to solve it by resetting the Parameter... still... just the grey screen with the Apple logo.

I also tried the Hard Drive test and so on... still, same grey screen

So I ended up using time Machine to restore the entire thing while I was using the Leopard Install DVD. The problem was that I hadn't backed up my machine for 5 weeks.

Two days later, the same thing happened again... black screen. So I had to restore from Time Machine yet again.

Does anyone have an answer for me or knows a thread with similar problems?

It just almost happened again when my screensaver started to kick in... I (in panic) hit all sorts of buttons as soon as the screen went black, and it came back... I don't know what it could be... Hardware? Maybe the RAM or the Graphics got too hot... ???