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    Powerbook G3 HD into a Powerbook G4: does amperage matter?
    Ok, so at work my boss has been collecting data on a powerbook g3 from 2000. The thing finally crapped out, but the hard drive seems to be OK. I thought we could transfer the hard drive into a powerbook G4 we have laying around that has a bum drive, fire it up, copy all the data to an external drive, and move on.

    While I was swapping out the drives, I noticed that both of the drives were rated at 5V, but the G3 HD was rated at .55A and the G4 at .7A.

    I am not sure if this is a minimum current rating needed to operate the device, or a max?

    My bottom line question is, do I risk blowing something if I try booting up the .55A rated HD in a machine who's original HD was rated at .7A?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Powerbook G3 HD into a Powerbook G4: does amperage matter?
    So you're planning to put the G3 hard drive (0.55A) into the G4 computer that had a hard drive rated at 0.7A. The amperage rating for both drives is the average amperage drawn by that drive. The G3 drive draws less power - it is probably of less capacity, has fewer platters, or something - than the G4 drive, so the G3 drive should work just fine in the G4 computer.

    You might have reason for concern if the rated power draw for the G3 drive was significantly more than the G4, but I bet that most drives made for a laptop would be work just fine.

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    Thanks for the advice! Gonna try firing it up now...

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