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Thread: Macbook battery halved is size in a week!!

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    Mar 07, 2010
    Macbook battery halved is size in a week!!
    I purchased a 2008 Macbook, second hand.
    I'm a new Mac user, but I knew what to look out for, ie 2.4ghz, software installed, and battery life.
    It was and still is at 100% on iStat Pro, with 76 cycles.
    It was giving me around 4 hrs on full charge. 1hr 20mins to fully charge.
    Now, i get around 2hrs, but now takes 3hr 40mins to fully charge.

    Surly this can't be right. I've not crammed it with software, really only added around 20gig of iTunes stuff.

    Have i broke it???


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    One time you're browsing text based web sites and get 4 hours, next time you're playing games, watching you tube vids or other and get 2 hours. Sounds about right.

    Having 10 GB or having 500GB of data on the hard drive really has no bearing on battery life.

    (Well it does. before someone comes along and wants to expound to me that the more data there is on the drive, the longer it takes for the drive to find the data... But, not enough to enter into in this thread. So, whomever you were, gimme a break.)
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    Mar 07, 2010
    Na. First three days i was ramming podcasts and uploading tracks, photo's and files.
    I took it out the other day, and upon start up said 2.45hrs left. I thought i may have not switched on the magsafe at the socket or something. Then when i put it on to charge, it said 3hrs something to full charge.

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