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Thread: What's the Best Free Antispyware Program for iBook G4?

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    Question What's the Best Free Antispyware Program for iBook G4?
    I am new to the mac world, because I am a Windows user, but have the opportunity to set up and use an iBookG4. I want to know, however, what you thought the best free antispyware program is. I know for Windows, there are four of them that must be used simultaneously (Adaware SE, Spybot, MS Antispyware, Spyware Blaster), so if there is more than one program I must use, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    You won't need any adware/spyware protection for you Mac. There isn't any adware or spyware to worry about. :black:
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    Tru DAT.

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    At the moment there ain't....

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    windows is like the matrix, forget what you know your in the mac world now.. no spyware

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    This thread made me smile :mac:

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    ....... he.(laughing).... macos is the most protected os.....but ...widget is a good chance to infect mac ))))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abira_Kam
    ....... he.(laughing).... macos is the most protected os.....but ...widget is a good chance to infect mac ))))
    Yeah thats why i havent used any new ones. 10.4.1 sort of fixed it. OS X now asks before it starts one for the first time.

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    The best AntiSpyware tool that comes free with every new mac is OS X.

    No Spyware. No Viruses. With included Firewall.

    Don't bother with any anti-* programs, they're a complete waste of money for most users.

    Anti-Spyware for mac is complete rubbish and anti-virus programs only make sense if you're worried about manually passing on PC Viruses (that can't hurt your mac and would have to be manually transferred by the user).

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    i used virex with panther. has anyone used it with tiger yet?

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    i tried to install virex once and i got the kernel panic and it did want to boot. had to archive and re-install, all was saved accept for the admin account settings.

    this thread also made me happy to have my mac cause i spent most of my spare time this week re-loading a PC laptop and trying to get anti-virus for my PC.

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