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    Mar 06, 2010
    Mac Book Mini
    I recently inherited a dead macbook that had been involved in a liquid spill. When I turned it on, it would do post beeps like it was missing memory even though there was a gig installed.

    I noticed a bunch of green corrosion on/around the memory slots so I scoured the internets for ways to remove it. Tried baking soda, tried alcohol...Nope! At this point I said what the **** and I submerged the entire motherboard into Cider Vinegar and let it sit for an hour or two. I pulled it out, scrubbed it with a toothbrush focusing on the memory slots. Let it dry overnight then used compressed air on it (100psi) to make sure there was no extra water under the cpu/northbridge. Gave her power and bam it booted, I almost ****.

    I knew it was too good to be true that it would work perfectly so I started to try and find issues. It wont charge or use a battery and the sound doesn't work due to traces coming off the board near the sound jack, other than that she works fine.

    Knowing I don't have much of a laptop if its not portable, I decided to have some fun. I completely gutted the case and threw it all into a vintage Apple SC20 20MB SCSI drive. I have plenty of room in the case as you can see so I included the power adapter and a 5v power brick to power the usb hub and a small fan in the corner. I also put in a mini-dvi to dvi connector so I can expand the desktop if i wish, as I have a 22" screen sitting next to it.

    I used pci slot brackets to hold the lcd on the cover and left the camera so I can make funny pictures of my face lol.

    I know its not pretty by any means but I think its innovative. Let me know what you think!


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    I like your "Frankenstein Monster" and the way you resurrected it from the dead. Very innovative. Have fun with it.


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    hahaha i love it
    i have always wanted to do something like this.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    That is absolutely beautiful. I once put an iMac logic board into a hatbox. My dad and I then converted the former iMac into a VGA monitor, hooked up the sound in so that the internal speakers could be hooked up to another Mac with an audio cable. My dad THEN put in a Firewire slot-load DVD drive and hard drive, attatched them to a Firewire hub inside so that they could be attatched to a Mac with one Firewire cable.

    I loved using this thing!

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    I'm with Jamie that is awesome. This is probably one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. I wish we could nominated threads.

    What are the specs on this Mac?

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    Very nice job!! LOL

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    Well done, and you almost lost me at the Cider Vinegar bath

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    Very nice and very cool also you were able to get it working!

    I own an SC20 drive. Mine still works as the drive for my old Mac Plus!

    You got it all to fit in there. WAY cool!

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    Mar 06, 2010
    Thank You for the props!

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    Mar 06, 2010
    Here is a direct link to the album w/all pictures on facebook: LINK


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    Waiting for a mate . . .
    Awesome and very innovative.

    Now that is what i call thinking outside the box lol
    Well done Dan

    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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    MoTM ☆☆☆

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    Cool stuff man .... you have a creative brain.

    Cheers ... McBie
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