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    should I get new macbook pro monitor calibration? Differs from Powerbook?
    I just upgraded from my 5 year old powerbook to a brand new macbook pro. I love how fast it is! The images look great on the laptop as well; but I notice that they seem far higher in contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Does anyone else notice this?
    I mostly do my editing from a crt monitor that I attach.

    With my old powerbook I had it calibrated with the One Eye and got pretty accurate results.
    Do I need to calibrate this new computer as well?
    I was told that mac's produce color accurate images; but the new laptop's screen just produces such a dynamically different image.
    Should I recalibrate both the laptop and monitor?
    Any advice on how this works?

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    No two displays will give you the same color without calibration. Your best bet is to calibrate the external display that you do your work on, I think.

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