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    Question Problem with MBP 1.1 hard drive
    I think this is a hard drive problem. I bought this mbp 1.1 2nd hand about a month ago and since day 1 i've had a problem with the hard drive. it is a 320gb hdd (not sure if that was standard) and the problem it self is that the hdd keeps sleeping and waking up every couple of seconds. i can hear it revving up as if it is waking up from a sleep up to normal speed, then i hear it slow down to nothing again about 5-10 seconds later. this just goes on and on, pretty much all the time. i'm not sure if its connected, but when i'm watching videos on the net, ie youtube, when it's starting up the video will stall for a second, which is really embarrassing, especially if i'm trying to show my friends that macs aren't all that bad. same thing happens if i'm browsing web pages or just going through my documents - so annoying.
    it might not be the hard drive though, but it really sounds like it. unless the left system fan is stopping and starting and causing the system to lag? not likely.

    oh, and it doesn't cause dvd playback any problems. wierd, huh?

    thanks a lot for anyone that tried to help. i hope there is a solution to this, but tbh i couldn't really find anything on web about it, and i'm pretty new to macs so i really dont want my faith to deplete in them so quickly.

    ps. i have tried changing all the power saving options to not put the hdd to sleep. and im running snow leopard.

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    can anyone help me? i really dont want to have to take it back over something so trivial.

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    You might try resetting the SMC and the PRAM/NVRAM first. If doing both does not help, then it may be best to swap out the hard drive with a new one.

    Older MBP machines are more difficult to do a hard drive swap than the new models which have easy access. If you decide you need to swap out the hard drive in your machine, do a Google search for a You-Tube video that shows the entire process.

    Also be aware that you will need to backup your current hard drive first. Post back if you need additional assistance.


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