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    Mar 04, 2010
    Cmd key seems to always be pressed down

    A problem showed up in my life last night ... all of a sudden I could no longer type anything on my Macbook Pro I mean, I COULD type physically, but the computer didn't register anything (neither via the internal or the external keyboard).

    After investigating the problem a little closer I noticed that when I try to select something in the Finder, all files I clicked on got selected ... which brouht me closer to the solution that some key must be "pressed down" all the time. And it must be the cmd key (apple key), since the computer response to all key combinations which contain the cmd key (for instance, if i type in K, the computer will think that I typed in cmd+K). The physical button is NOT pressed down ...

    I've tried to restart the computer, turn on and off and to "push a little hard" on the button but nothing seems to work. I also tried to boot the computer in Safe Mode, which actually made the keyboard work perfectly.

    What should I do? I do not want to run my beloved computer in safe mood all day long ... And it's kind of annoying to not be able to type anything into the computer.

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    Mar 04, 2010
    All right ... solved ... finally.

    After reading this thread (Help! iMac behaves as if command key is stuck - The macosxhints Forums) I was reminded of the fact that I had removed all USB units except for ... yes, a Wacom Tablet. The very second I removed that Wacom thing the cmd key stopped being pressed down and it all worked perfectly. Then I (of course) had to try to connect the tablet once again just to see if the cmd key would get stuck again ... but no, it didn't.

    Strange! But ... um, that would be my contribution to anyone who has a similar problem in the future!

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