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stinger12345 03-04-2010 04:15 AM

another water damage thread
sorry for making another one of these guys i imagine it gets pretty annoying after a while. but i spilt a little water onto my keyboard, but the comp still functions ALMOST perfectly. the only problem is that the audio is pretty messed up. it will work for a little bit than stop intermittently. this happens with both music and video audio. if I have speakers plugged in, sometimes sound will stop coming out of the external speakers and i can hear it come thru the laptops speakers. it's pretty hard to explain, so i hope this sounds like something familiar

I'm mainly wondering what the water could have affected. most likely i screwed the main board, in which case I've taken a dive into the shallow end. but since everything else about the notebook works (with the exception of a few keys), is there a chance that I could have damaged something much easier and cheaper to replace, like the soundcard?


6string 03-04-2010 04:31 AM

Sorry, but can't go there again, so have a good look through this!

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