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    macbook wont get passed blackscreen and blinking -
    Hey all today as many i dececided to bootcamp my macbook. and after the install my macbook now goes to a gray screen and then to a black no apple logo or sping thing under it. i dont know what to do i tryed booting from the cd by pressing c on start up and nothing happens sometimes it happens to spit out the disk. i also tryed holding the shift key down and that also does not work. i have no idea what to do. should i get a new snow lepord cd

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    Hold down option and see if you get the normal boot select screen if it then allows you select OSX without issues it might just be trying to boot from a none functioning Windows partition.
    I have found a few snow leopard machines which needed to have fixmbr run from the recovery console on a windows install CD after install before they would boot from the Windows partition.

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    when i do that a lock appers asking for a password on a hrey screen ive tryed my passwords nothing works im oing to buy a new snow lepord tomorrow and try to boot from a cd

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