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    MBP + external display help.
    I have a MBP 13, hdtv, wired g15 keyboard, wireless logitech nano mouse, 3.5 audio cable, power cable, mini display to hdmi and hdmi cable.

    Everything it plugged up and working, besides the picture. Help?

    I watched a video of a guy doing it and after he closes the lid, then plug in mini cable and hit a key to wake up. But my MBP doesn't make the spin/whatever sound to wake up. The mouse works and even the keyboard lights up when I press a key. But after a couple of seconds the lights dim on the keyboard and noting else.


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    Do you get a picture on the TV when the lid is open? If so, then try waiting a good 10 seconds after you close the lid before moving the mouse to wake the Mac. Also, I always connect all the cables from my Mac to my TV before even turning the TV on. THEN I proceed with closing the lid and waking my Mac with my wireless mouse.

    Report back if any of that helps. Also would help to know the exact brand and model # of your TV and which MBP you have.

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    No picture open or closed. When I close the lid and it goes to sleep, pressing any key or mouse movement doesn't wake it up with the lid closed. When lid is open, mouse and keyboard work, but no pic. I haven't don't any settings change in os-x because everything I have read says I don't need too. But in my display preference, there is no second screen.

    Using MBP 13"(lower price model with upgraded ram and hdd) and Samsung 4069fx.

    EDIT: I used a different hdmi cable, it works now. Thanks,

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    Aug 22, 2009
    EDIT: I used a different hdmi cable, it works now. Thanks,

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