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    Question MacBook Pro screen doesn't turn on
    Hey guys. I have a last gen MBP 15". One day I closes the lid, and when I came back a few hours later, I opened it and te screen did not come on.

    I still had control over the volume and key lighting. I can hear it running. I checked to make sure that the contrast just wasn't cranked down.

    I also tried to plug it into an external monitor, no use, no signal.

    I read a different thread here about resetting the power managment. I tried that with no avail.

    The only suspicious evidence I can offer is that the lid release button isn't all the way depressed. It still unlatches the lid, but it's sort of stuck halfway in. Not sure if that tells the mac my lid is closed or open.

    Anyway, any suggestions would be helpful. I'll be bringing it into TekServ here in NYC next week.


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    Sounds like the graphics processor died. You mentioned that your MBP was a previous generation machine. Give Apple customer service a call and have your SN on hand. Your machine may be covered under a special extended warranty on the graphics processor. If it is, Apple will repair for free.

    I would advise not taking it in to TekServ as there are Apple stores in NYC which would be better - and you can also find out about the extended warranty there rather than calling.


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