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    now this is weird...
    my iBook has been falling asleep lately for no reason and on a couple occasion it happens until I gotta shut it off entirely.

    now my wallpapers don't go up, I selece them from the settings but nothing happens?

    anyone got an idea?

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    Check the "Instant Fixes" thread at the top of this forum. You may need to reset your PMU.

    My gf's iBook used to fall asleep in the middle of what she was doing, and it turned out to be a bad logic board. Apple replaced it under warranty.

    If you're still under warranty, call Apple after trying the stuff in the thread referenced above.

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    something else is weird.

    My desktop seems lifeless. Like, it's just a blue screen and I can't updload wallpapers on it and images I download to the desktop I can't even click on. When I click my desktop I hear the "can't do that" ping followed by the "empty recycling bin sound".

    any explanation??

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    Try creating a new (admin) user and see if it still does that there.
    If it doesn't, move your files over to the new user and trash the old one.

    It sounds like a .plist file has become corrupted somewhere...

    Oh - have you repaired permissions yet? (I know it's not a miracle cure, but sometimes it does help...)

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