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    Got my first Mac today...
    First off, hello everyone.. Im new here as you probably noticed.

    The last couple months Ive been getting really bored with Windows and just getting sick of my PC not working like it should so I thought Id give a Mac a try. Im a college student without a very high budget so I opted to buy a used G3 700 IBook off of ebay.

    I get the laptop today and fire it up, It works great for about 5-10 minutes then all of a sudden it just crashes. I restart it, then crashes again about a minute later. After giving up on restarting it and having it crash all the time I re-install everything. Everything went fine with the install but when I got to the point where I put in my user information it crashed again. Everytime it would crash the screen would get all fuzzy and sort of fade out. After playing with it some more I noticed that it would crash if I would tilt the screen. Now when I try to start it up the screen wont even light up 90% of the time. I got it all boxed up so I can send it back but Im just curious if anyone knows why it would do that or if this has happened to anyone else. This seemed kind of odd to me, I dont know if I should return it and get my money back or get a different one (got it from a rental place) from the guy.


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    Sounds like hardware problems, I suggest NOT turning it on anymore untill you've had it checked out by someone who knows a fair bit about electronics. Sounds like the power is being shorted, probably by dodgy wire connections.

    That washed out fuzzy thing that happens to your screen used to happen to my old Windows laptop whenever the powerpack shorted the computer, I had a dodgy connection between the power cable and laptop.

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    That definately sounds like a h/w problem. Return the unit to the seller if you can, but try another Apple. They're great computers, but you'll have a little bit of a learning curve coming from Windows. I recently switched, and I like the mac for many different reasons.

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    Yup , Badmojo is Right ... one u go mac , u will never return back !

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    macs are more expensive but well worth every penny. Get what you pay for, so get another mac and give it a second shot

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