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Thread: ALMOST perfect

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    ALMOST perfect
    Found my first iBook fault today...

    No line-in port I'm going to have to buy a USB line-in adapter now. I only wanted to try out GarageBand to see how easy it is to use, I was looking forward to laying down some guitar and bass to see how it came out

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    yer same prob with me, accept for i have a mac mini. I bought a imic, which plugs into a usb port and then gives u a line in and line out. Garage band is really easy to use, i recorded my gcses on it. I prefer using the lineout on my amp, than using the built in effects with i tunes.

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    I'll probably just go straight from line out on my effects pedal straight to line in and leave my amp out of it (its too heavy to get upstairs anyway! its a bit 150 watt bugger) I'll do the same for my bass, just using a clean setting so it still sounds like bass.

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