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    Unhappy Battery Problems
    I update to 10.2.8 and my battery does not charge any more ... any suggestion???

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    how do you know it's not charging? the ac adapter doesn't turn the amber or green color? please elaborate.

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    I plug it to the electricity
    and it does not change to ambar
    it stays in green

    And it is not turned on

    When i turn it on just say Calculating until full
    0 % Percent

    If i unplug it, it continues working like 15 seconds
    and then shutdown (no sleep) just shutdown

    Any suggestion?

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    try cleaning the connectors... they might not be touching each other well enough..

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    Same problem
    Quote Originally Posted by Tona
    I update to 10.2.8 and my battery does not charge any more ... any suggestion???
    I experienced the SAME EXACT ISSUE!
    My battery is only four months old. I bought it after my original PB battery would only last about a 1/2 hour. It was 2 years old so I figured it was time.
    My new battery was working great until I updated to 10.3.8.
    Now when I try to charge it, stays at 0% when I unplug from power, PB immediately goes to sleep.
    I've tried a few things. Reset PRAM, guy at genius bar reset PMU(whatever that is.) tried putting my barrery in someone else's PB.
    Nothing worked.
    Finally sent battery back for a replacement. Still waiting.
    Any suggestions?

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