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    Macbook erasing all documents within folders but not folders themselves?
    okay, so I need to know if that is possible. Basically, the folders were still on desktop but they were all empty, all my documents gone, there was several folders within those folders, the blue icon representing the folders were there, but all my documents were gone. All the images saved in photobooth too, gone. I've even looked in the trash, all the documents, music, photos were no where to be seen.

    SO, is it possible that the macbook was cheeky enough to erase all documents within the folders but leave them folders on the desktop?

    PS: I bought this mac in november 09, never had a single problem with it, everything worked perfectly fine and still is by the way. Someday, I just discovered that fact and so am kinda investigating....

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    What kind of documents were they? If they were related to a program and you uninstalled it that could be the issue. If not we can poke around at the filesystem in terminal.

    Browse to the directory in question (Desktop in your case) so:

    cd ./Desktop/

    and then run this command

    ls -lAh ./foldernamehere/

    and let me know what you see.

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    Feb 16, 2010
    They were Microsoft word documents, Jpeg images, mp3 files and they all came from my usb key, though I did not save the pictures I took using the photobooth in the photo library or whatever its called, so these are gone for good. And I didnt uninstall any program....Truth of the matter is, after lending my mac to a particular person, around a week later, I discovered that all of my folders were empty. I know there is nothing wrong with my mac and I all I do with it is use the internet, write documents and thats about it, only that person claims that she didnt erase them herself....

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