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Thread: Alternative to Apple Wireless Card?

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    Alternative to Apple Wireless Card?
    Afternoon all,

    New to this forum and have been browsing for a couple of days.

    Thinking about getting a 2nd hand clamshell iBook. Seems to do everything I want without as much of the cost.

    Only thing is not everyone sells one with a apple wireless card. So, I was wondering if there was an alternative (internal) solution? I'd use a external USB if its the only affordable solution left.

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    There aren't any other internal cards that I know of
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    Ah well worth a shot.

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    I have seen an article where an individual has used the wireless card from a Sony VAIO in his Clamshell, though I've never priced the Sony cards and thus can't say whether it's significantly less expensive than an AirPort card (or even still available at all). Here is the link with information on the Sony card installation:

    If you shop around, you can still locate the AirPort cards even though they're no longer being produced by Apple, and that's probably the option I'd go with.

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    Yeah I'd look around but looks like ill be paying through the nose for it.

    Though that Sony Vaio idea looks pretty good. Just looked on ebay and one is currently going for 20quid with a couple of hours left. So looks like a cheaper option.



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    Got a Vaio card as described in the above article. Installed and working A-Ok!

    Saved myself a Tenner! ($14) - Bargain!

    Ya Boo Sucks to you apple! Cram your proprietry equipment.

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