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    This thread is for discussions and rumors about the Axiotron ModBook Tablet and the soon to be released Modbook Pro Tablet.

    The Modbook is an after-market modification that converts an Apple MacBook into a slate-style tablet computer. Developed by Los Angeles, California-based Axiotron, Inc., the Modbook was introduced in the 2007 Macworld Conference & Expo and drew one of the biggest crowds, second only to iPhone. It won a Best in Show award at that same conference. The Modbook is currently one of only two tablet-form Macs on the market. At Macworld 2009, Axiotron announced the future availability of the Modbook Pro, a larger and more powerful system based on the 15" MacBook Pro.

    The Modbook Pro is a power tablet computer. Constructed from a unibody Apple MacBook Pro base system, Axiotron’s Modbook Pro combines blazing speed and power with new cutting-edge hardware and software features. The Modbook Pro has a sleek aluminum enclosure, innovative tablet tools, elegant black luster finish and Sturdy aluminum construction.

    ModBook/ModBook Pro advantages:
    • Essentially a MacBook. They've taken a Core 2 Duo MacBook with Leopard or Snow Leopard, replaced the standard screen with a Wacom Penabled Digitizer and even stuck a GPS inside.
    • The screen is bright, but matte (not glossy like the new MacBook Pro models), so images are a bit fuzzier than my MacBook Pro.
    • Handwriting recognition works well in inkBook.
    • The screen is scratch/fingerprint free and the device is pretty durable.
    • The ability to use in environments not conducive to a keyboard and mouse such as lying in bed, low lighting when a lighted screen is the input source, standing or with one hand.
    • Recording non-character based information such as diagrams and mathematical notation and symbols.
    • Touch Environment can make navigation much easier than conventional use of keyboard and mouse or touch pad.
    • No need for producing special keyboard versions for different countries/languages.

    ModBook/ModBook Pro disadvantages:
    • It's heavier than a standard MacBook, because of its "aircraft grade magnesium alloy", which means it's not quite as portable as you'd like.
    • The standard digitizer pen is usable, but slightly flimsy.
    • There are bluetooth issues with the Modbook.
    • No keyboard means handwriting can be significantly slower than typing speeds.
    • Higher cost, Modbooks costs $699.00 if you have your personal MacBook converted to a ModBook and $1649.00 for a new ModBook. According to, the Modbook Pro will cost $3049.00 if you have your personal MacBook Pro converted to a ModBook Pro and $4698.00 for a new ModBook.
    • No way to orient the Modbook's screen vertically like a clipboard.
    • Dispite being durable, the screen risks damage. Tablet's are handled more than conventional laptops, in addition, since their screens also serve as input devices, they run a higher risk of screen damage due to impacts and misuse.
    • A tablet does not provide room for a wrist rest while the screen is in the handwriting/touch configuration, as opposed to the normal keyboard mode (akin to regular laptops). In addition, the user needs to move his or her arm constantly while writing, compared to leaving the arms relatively stationary while typing.

    Overall great for sketching out ideas, creating design work on the move, working while on your feet, built-in GPS is a nice touch, and screen is slightly better than regular MacBook
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