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Thread: battery issue

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    battery issue
    I have noticed that in the new macbook and macbook pro models that the removal battery has been "removed" and the reason was that it was inefficient as a power source. I was wondering if that is true or nonsense? As I have a previous generation macbook pro with a rechargeable battery. Just want to know if this is crap or not.

    thanks again for the knowledge.
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    Not sure how they get 7 hours out of the MBP 13. I have the model and it usually gives me 4-5 hours per charge. I use wireless for internet surfing, with mail open and maybe Pages or Word apps open. Screen dialed down to half brightness. Any major heat build up and the meter will drop fast. But 5 hours is the average I get out of mine. Watch some videos and it's more like 3 hours. A little over hyped I think. If someone can get consistently 6-7 hours out of the thing with running apps and video, I think I want my money back on mine =)

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    Hi Folks - I am strongly considering a MBP 15 in the near future. This would be my first laptop purchase and first leap into the world of Mac's as well, and I've enjoyed reading these forums as a method of consumer research.

    I too was wondering about the battery life as far as the "7 hours" goes, and in particular whether or not the various models of the MBP 15 made a difference. I realize having the 256/512 MB video option would decrease battery life if using it for a game or whatever. But for general travel use (web/e-mail/DVD), does anyone find a difference in battery life by simply having that video card (I assume there are options to control whether it kicks-in or not)?

    In general - would you say the MBP battery life would surpass a comparable PC laptop (my minimal experience has always been about a 3 hour maximum on battery life in most cases)?

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    Well I have the regular unibody white macbook and i see around 5 on average with internet and word processing mostly, and most PC laptops i have had were lucky to get 2.5. I kind of figure the battery life testing is the same for every brand...take 2 hours off what they say and that is what the average user will probably see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by offside View Post
    in general - would you say the mbp battery life would surpass a comparable pc laptop (my minimal experience has always been about a 3 hour maximum on battery life in most cases)?

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