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Thread: Wi-fi turn-off

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    Wi-fi turn-off
    I'm a PC laptop user who's considering a MBP. On my machine, there's a button you press to turn wi-fi off. It's very convenient. In my research, I can see no such button on the Macbook. How does one turn wi-fi off (and on) on a MBP?

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    In the menu bar at the top, you will see a WiFi logo. Simply click this and select "Turn Airport Off" from the menu:
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    I don't think the icon that Van pointed out is visible by default. That option is easy to turn on by going to the network System Preferences, selecting the Airport connection, and choosing to show its status in the menu bar. You only have to do that once though. From then on Van's procedure works flawlessly.

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    Thanks, guys. That seems easy enough.

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