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    no dock = macbook fail?
    so i think i pretty much ruined my macbook (10.5)
    i was messin around with the dock trying to customize it and stuff, when i accidentally deleted the Contents folder.
    all of a sudden my computer can't do anything. there's no dock, no menu bar, no icons on desktop. nothing to click...
    so! i went to my mac pro (10.4) to copy the dock Contents folder onto a usb, and transfer it to my macbook using macdrive 8 on bootcamped windows.
    my mac got some functionality again, but still no dock, cuz the architecture isn't compatible or something.. like, i can't use expose so i have to drag windows around to access them.
    so yea... this is my first mac experience so i didn't know about time machine. and i don't have the install disk.
    help a nub out?
    i was considering $30 for snow leopard but i'm not sure if that'll work out. but, then again it would be so much easier for me if some1 could point out where i can get the original Contents folder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doanut View Post
    i don't have the install disk.
    You can call Apple and get the proper restore discs for your machine. I think they cost in the neighborhood of $20.

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    Are you talking about the Contents folder in Why were you messing around in /System/Library/CoreServices/? On top of this, trying to copy system files from one version of OS X to another is going to be a no-win battle.

    As for a solution, you could try re-applying the latest update (10.5.8 for 10.5) and hope that your issues are addressed. Otherwise, it looks like a re-install is in order. Before you do any of this though, make a backup of all of your personal files.
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    Do as vansmith suggests but use this one and cross your fingers and hope.

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    seriously what are people thinking ... "oooh look and something with a funny name, contents? hihihaha lets delete that!"; "pff, no need for Core Services, taking up too much space on my hard drive, I want more moviiieeesss!"

    even when you do accidently delete something, it does happen of course it does, what do you think the Trash is for? just put it back for crying out loud ...

    I'm not sure with what exactly you're messing with, but if you were lucky not to mess with the system folders and only screwed up your user library, you can try using a different account - probably with no success though

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