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    New MacBook Format and reinstall

    I just bought a new MacBook 13" (White) for my girlfriend and used the migration assistant to move all of her data on to the new computer from my computer (New MacBook Pro 15"). Everything was transferred including all of my data/user account info, etc.

    I changed the user account name (so when in the finder it shows the new account name) and now i'm having a little problem of not being able to download anything from the itunes store (the only problem). The message says that I don't have permission for the itunes media folder. I can't seem to change the permission on the folder, either. Everything looks fine...

    I've tried to archive and reinstall in desperation, but I don't have the option of erasing in the disk utility....?

    I'm stuck.

    Any help?


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    2.8 GHz 4G Ram

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    Unsure about the above.....
    You change her user account name before or after the transfer?
    Have you set up the account as a user account or admin account?
    Changing the permissions in the folder... In the iTunes folder in your user or her user account or both?

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    Sounds to me its a iTunes permission problem. .... .. . .. .. .
    Have you gone into iTunes>Store>Authorise Computer??? Maybe ??
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