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    The Red Screen of Death
    so i was recently doing some "illegal" downloading....and i noticed something wrong with my mac. nothing really happending until i skyping with someone who has a PC and then the next day, I have a red tint. Someone i know was calling it "The Red Screen of Death" ? please help!!!

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    as far as I'm aware, there is no red screen of death ... catchy name though

    try to switch your color profile, maybe it got changed, although how that would happen I rly don't know

    go to system preferences/displays
    select the color tab
    there you can select different color profiles for your lcd, mine is set to the default (i believe) of Color LCD

    try this out if it helps, however however illegal your downloads were, I'm guessing movie/game torrents or rapidshare and stuff, there is no way that would change your screen tint to red

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    Jan 28, 2010
    no im serious. i just restarted my mac and now its not even totally LICKING LOLLYPOPS. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU DO NOT RESTART. ive been searching and cantt find nething online about warrenty is void tho....

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    Maybe your GPU pooped out on you.

    When you power up your computer, does it make any noise?

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