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    hello all, this is my first post here and so i thought i'd get it out of the way now and tell you all i'm a windows user! don't worry though i plan to 'switch' before xmas and i'm getting the top spec 15" powerbook.

    before spending 1800 notes i wanted to pick some brains on a few things.

    o is it possible to make the superdrive multi region permanently?

    o is it possible to use the built in airport card with a different wireless router?

    o what is the best p2p software available for mac?

    o does anybody have any experience of using virtualpc windows emulator? if so how good is it?

    thats all for now, i'm sure i will think of more later,

    thanks guys


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    1. No not that I know of
    2. Yes
    3. Not sure.. I don't use them
    4. No I don't

    2 out of 4.. batting .500 not too bad

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    2. most definatly, the hardest part is typing in the WEP key if its needed, OSX takes care of just about everything else.

    3. "<a href="" target="_new">acquisition</a>" is one of the better p2p apps i've run across for the mac. it operates on the gnutella/limewire filesharing network. i'd say its almost as good as kazaa... almost... :cool:

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    thanks guys.

    any more for any more ?

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