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    Jan 27, 2010
    Black MacBook start up :(
    Hey guys. Im new to this forum so fingers crossed im using this right lol.

    I have the black macbook 2.16ghz processer, 2gb RAM, 160gb HDD.. That one lol and recently i have been having problems with it. Nothing else has gone wrong but sometimes when i try start the macbook by pressing the power button the screen will flash and i will hear the HDD spin. (well i think its the HDD) and it will jus cut out after 2-3 seconds and the macbook will switch off?

    it will keep doing this about 15-20 times and then eventually it will come back on like normal. This is literally the only problem im having with this macbook, NOTHING else

    When it goes on to standby when i leave the macbook on, when i press a button the macbook wont start, the power light wont flash it will just stay on constant. Again this only happens sometimes like the start up problem

    If someone could help me i would really appreciate it guys

    Thank you


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    Jan 27, 2010
    iv thought of changing the HDD but im not an expert at this stuff so im not sure if that is the problem.. If i do change the HDD how would i get Mac OS X back onto it?. i dont have no discs or anything with this mac

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