First post on this forum as I see some of you have lots of repair experience. The story behind what happened is that I bought a mac for art school about 6 months ago. When it wasn't being used, it was put away in the storage case that the company provided, which I was told was the only way to keep the warranty intact outside of school premises. (laptop was bought through the school for the courses and was required).

Now, during the first day of the holidays I took my mac out of my bag to quickly check my email and I see what i think is a bit of hair. I just gently brush it away and the whole screen cracks. Now the crack isn't as severe as to cause a bleed or anything but it is still there and could get worse :S

The school's it department works alongside an apple distribution partner called NextByte. Nextbyte throughout the year replaced the screen and that of about 150 other students because they were faulty at first and the apple light up logo was caving in. When they replaced the screen, the screen was very stiff and would make clicking noises when you tried to open it, at this point it wasn't aligned very well either.

They then went and upgraded the ram of most students however after attempting to do this, the screens flickered and black and white bars started spamming all over the screen. This was fixed eventually but as you can see, the track record wasn't the best leading up to this incident. Now apple is convinced that I am at fault and while I do explain the past 6 months events to them, they don't seem to accept them. I know people throw out a whole bunch of wacky details as to what happened to get a warranty validated but I have a college it department that can vouche for me.

What should I do? I have contacted nextbyte and apple support but it looks like they are going to charge me at least $1k to get the screen fixed which I would just buy a new pc then

any help would be magic ty