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    Unibody Macbook Pro: Broken Rear Display Housing

    I own a unibody 2.4 core duo Macbook Pro. After taking a spill, the rear display housing is coming apart. Something has come loose behind the aluminum panel.

    Apple technicians only suggest replacing the entire LCD! The LCD and glass is perfectly fine, but the housing may not last much longer before it completely falls apart.

    I'm having a hard time find any replacement parts or how to manuals.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you,


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    Im sorry to tell you this but i don't think you can buy just the aluminum back cover for the display. Im pretty sure they don't sell them anywhere either.

    Also this is a long shot but i would try a Apple Authorized Service provider. They might be able to help you more than the Apple techs.

    To find one in your local area:
    Apple - Service Provider Locator

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    That is correct, according to the service manual, the panel is not serviceable - you'll need to replace the whole thing (major bummer).
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