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    DC-in Board for an ibook G4
    Hi, I decided to repair my ibook G4 that has a broken DC-in Board so I purchased the spare part from ebay without thinking too much about it. Is there any difference, in terms of hardware, between US and UK ibooks (which is what I have). Basically, what im asking is: If I go to all the hassle of putting this part in my ibook, when I finally power it up is it going to explode? Im hoping it will work fine because Ive kind of already went and bought the part. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not a 100% certain, but there should be no difference between the DC input boards. All Apple notebook computers are designed to be used world wide. The only differences are in the input plug adapters for AC mains.

    Just pay close attention when removing the old part - make sure the new one is identical.


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