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    Question Cleaning a PowerBook

    I purchased a PowerBook G4 the other day and am just wondering what people use to clean it with. Like getting finger prints off the keys and area where your palms rest. Also something to clean the monitor. I don't want to leave any streaks/scratches.


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    Hi Cindy
    It's a good idea to buy a special cloth which goes between the keyboard and the screen. Protects screen from scratches and you can also use it to clean the screen. the one i use is made by Radtech and i think they're pretty easy to find on the web. Otherwise just clean the surfaces with a soft dampcloth. Avoid any sort of 'cleaning products'.
    A new powerbook! fabulous - I bought mine nearly 2 years ago now and it's still going strong with a few slight idiosyncracies.

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    there is a product called iKlear that works great. Simply spray the solution onto the cloth and wipe down your monitor. Also, I agree with the above post, it is a great idea to have some kind of cloth to keep the grease from your keyboard from getting onto your screen when you shut your book.

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    Just wanted to second stevebabcock's recommendation on iKlear. Normally I'd agree to stay away from cleaners, since they're almost all alcohol based...but iKlear is water based, and won't hurt your LCD.

    I too use the Radtech screen cloth and my screen looks like new almost a year later...
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    To note, I just use a damp rag, not wet, not soaking, but damp and wipe things down then take a dry rag and clean it. Works great and water is free. Might not be as good as a chemical but works pretty good.

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    also another question about cleaning a powerbook how do you clean the internal part of the computer. Tell me where I go to clean up unnessesary stuff off the computer.

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