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    Bad blocks...initializing
    TechTool Pro correctly identified a problem with my hard drive (iBook G3-dual USB-10.3) stating I had some bad blocks that could not be repaired. Sure enough, a few days later my iBook would not even complete boot-up...stalling at Finding Apple File Service and never completing boot-up. Fortunately I had installed eDrive as an emergency startup and it has worked beautifully. I have been able to back everything up that I needed to and now am willing to reinitialize my drive. Here is my question. Does reformatting my drive necessarily mean that my bad block problem will go away? How will I know? My Hitachi hard drive is still under warranty but I do not relish the idea of installing a new is a real task!

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    In all the years of using Macs I've never had a HD with bad blocks on it. I'd go for the re-install, it will probably solve the problem.

    If the hard drive really is up the creek then search the forum for installing another HD on an iBook, their is lots of useful information here that should make the process painless. :cool:

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