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    Angry losing nearly 10GB of hard drive overnight
    So last night I go to bed after a day of working with Garageband on my trusty 1Ghz PowerBook. Kind of old but it does (mostly ) what i ask it.

    This morning on start up it takes a while and GTarageband isn't too happy about launching but soon I'm making music and then ... I notice (with some surprise) that last night it had 21.07GB of hard drive space and this morning it's down to 13.29GB. Now I know that Garage Band (2) uses lots of hard drive but this is ridiculous - particularly as most of the big audio files have been saved to a largish external firewire drive.

    So... I've done every thing I can think of to find the missing hard drive space. I ran a check with system profiler, have gone through all the folders on my internal hard drive with Get Info and, here's an interesting contradiction, Get Info on my Internal Hard drive tells me that it's used up 42.64 GB but on adding up all the Gbs, Mbs and Kbs on the individual Folders it all comes to just over 32.00GB. I've also run Disc Warrior and Onyx.

    So...what's going on here? Either it has suddenly developed the laptop equivalent of Alzheimers, forgotten how to count or some huge invisible chunk of my hard drive has been eaten.

    If anybody out there on the mac forum has any ideas what may have happened to the missing hard drive memory and any suggestions on what i can do to retrieve it I would be most grateful for some answers. In these days of huge hard drives 10 Gb may not be a lot of storage space but it seems a lot to me. You could email me on or post suggestions on this forum.

    This has really got me puzzled.

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    I'm guessing that Garageband probably puts massive temp files somewhere on the drive...and they weren't erased. As for differing numbers in the info box, I too have experienced this. Repairing the disk permissions always seemed to do the trick.
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