Earlier this evening (last now) a completed migration message appeared in my 2008-09 macbook 13 (source) and my 2009 imac (destination computer).

All in all a good 24 hrs passed from start to finish. Part of the reason I suspect (lenght of time) is that I mistakenly ‘allowed’ the macbook to go to sleep..it dawned on me over night/I made the adjustment..it took 12 or so hours to finish after I change the settings.

As I remember there were about 65-70 GB of program applications plus/including the iphoto file, mail, and browsing historybookmarks & browsing history…the latter migrated; the programs not>>>

None of the program applications seem to have migrated (eg. the Adobe Suite, Iwork, MS Office 2008, Final Cut, etc.

I used my wireless network as the method of migration since my macbook doesn't have a firewire port–just a couple of usb2 and an ethernet port.

The Imac HD reads 595 GB capacity and 514 GB available. The Macbook HD @ 232 GB capacity & 135 GB available.

Any help/direction will be greatly appreciated.

Silverdale, Wa