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    Problems with aluminium macbook unibody LCD
    Hi guys,
    I recently got a new lcd for my macbook unibody, started putting it in, connected the lvds connector and the screen lit up fine.
    After i finished putting the computer back together and after a restart, i noticed that the backlight had gone out, but the screen was still working.
    I checked both sides of the lvds cord to see if they were connected right, with no luck.
    So I tested the old lcd, and i found that the backlight was not working on the old lcd screen either...
    Im hoping someone could tell me what its likely to be?
    Its out of warranty, so im out of luck there...
    Any help is appreciated... Thanks

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    If you double checked your work (especially the cabling) and everything is OK, that leaves the inverter as the likely suspect. The inverter provides converted (inverted) power to the backlight. Check with the folks at ifixit to get a new inverter and how to change one out.

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    Gday, im pretty sure the LED backlight ones dont have inverters... i might try a new LVDS cable? andyone know where i should get one? Thanks

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