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    My Macbook is getting slow, could this be the problem?
    I have had my mac for a year and a half now and have never had any problems with it. Recently the internet has been running a bit slowly so I went through the whole cleaning up files, and deleting cookies, finding all the junk ect. I have backed up everything onto an external drive. I ran a McAfee virus scanner and it found one potential problem that i easily found and erased. The ran it again and this is the report:
    0 possible infection(s).
    0 file(s) repaired.
    0 file(s) deleted.
    1 file(s) not scanned.
    Total files: 18007
    Do you know why it wont scan that one file? Could that be why my internet is going slower than normal?

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    Are you saying that your internet is slow or are you saying that your computer overall is slower than usual? Those are kind of two different problems. It's most unlikely a virus is causing your problems. Does McAfee tell you what the 1 unscanned file is? It's probably unrelated to your problem but out of curiosity just tell us.

    Internet speeds have many different factors that go into how fast it will be. Have you tested your internet speeds yet? If not then you are only making guesses as how fast or slow your internet is. For example, you can have a very fast internet connection but if the website you are on is slow then you can only go as fast as that website regardless of how fast your internet connection is. If every website you go to is slow then you internet speeds are probably indeed slow. Without testing your internet speeds then you don't truly know if your internet connection is actually slow of if other factors are causing your problem.

    Your internet service provider could be having problems on their side. If you have cable internet then the more people in your neighborhood who is using it at the same time will slow down your connection. Websites can also have a similar problem when too many people are looking at it at the same time. This is why it's good to know what your normal internet speeds are so if the speed test are telling you are truly getting slow speeds then you should contact your internet service provider because the problem is probably on their side. They also have a support team that can help you because unless you made some weird changes to your computer recently I don't believe the problem is from your computer.

    Try doing the speed tests and try going to many different websites and see if your internet is still slow. Is it slower at only certain times of the day like when most people on are which is called peak hours, or is it slow all the time? If it's slow all the time then it's probably your internet connect that is slow so call your service provider. If it's only slow at certain times then that's the limitation of your service provider's technology. You can complain to them and see if they have a faster plan or find out if they are going to upgrade their infrastructure soon or choose a different internet service provider. The last possible cause would be your computer and that would be harder to solve because you have to remember all the changes that you did on your computer that might effect your internet. Have you changed anything majorly in the day between when you have fast internet to now?

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