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    Question Improving my PowerBook G4
    Hello all,
    I have a PowerBook G4, which I bought around August 2004. It is pretty old now but it still runs very well, I rarely use it now.
    However, I need a notebook for college and I was thinking if I could make some improvements to it, then I wouldn't have to buy a new one.
    It has:
    Processor 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4
    Memory 768 MB
    Hard Drive 60 GB
    I am looking to install Snow Leopard on it, but I heard it was not possible. Is there a way I can make some improvements so it runs faster, better, etc.. Or even install the new system?

    Thank you all

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    First before I say anymore, Snow Leopard is Intel Only. It will only install on an Intel Mac. Yours is a Power PC and the newest OSX you can install is 10.5.

    What is the screen size on that Powerbook? Trying to find the exact model so I can tell you what you can upgrade.

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    It depends on what you are going to do with your laptop. Even though I have a MBP, I still have my old 1Ghz PowerBook G4 512MB RAM and it's still usable for general tasks such as surfing the internet, word processing, listening to music, etc.

    Generally speaking you can try upgrading your RAM or hard drive speed. If you multitask a lot then a RAM upgrade will be noticeable. A faster hard drive will also be noticeable for you if yours is as slow as my PowerBook.

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    I use a 15 inch Powerbook G4 1.67 GHZ DL burner Hi Res Laptop and it is great. You can run Leopard (10.5.x) so i suggest you upgrade. Mine uses DDR2 PC4200 Ram so I upgraded to 2 Gigs. The speed is fine for what I use it for so the CPU and hard drive speed are fine.

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    hey dtravis it has a 12 inch screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zukermaister View Post
    hey dtravis it has a 12 inch screen.
    You can upgrade:

    - the ram on that to 1.25 gig.
    - upgrade the hard drive...but only if you need to.
    - get a new battery if the current battery doesn't have much runtime.
    - update to OS 10.5...but this is going to cost you at least $100-$125 for the install DVD

    I would suggest upgrading the:

    - ram to 1.25 gig
    - updating to Mac OS 10.5....if you can manage the cost of the install DVD

    There really is not much else to upgrade...but this laptop with a decent speed CPU should be fine for college. Especially if your mostly talking needing it for word processing type tasks.

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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